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This marks an unprecedented move by Widget Com to expand its worldwide product distribution to the formerly closed markets of China. 2020-02-15 · A product launch press release is a key tool in your PR arsenal for getting your company's activities on the media map. In this blog, we'll explore how to write a product launch press release that will get journalists to pay attention and give your startup the best coverage possible. 2019-05-09 · Throughout the press release, default to clear language that emphasizes what the product offers, particularly any benefits that are unique to the product. Use the headline and first sentence or two to grab a reader’s attention, and transition into specific information quickly and smoothly, always emphasizing that features that make your product worthy of the attention of your reader. 2021-01-02 · A new product release; A limited-edition launch; A pre-order opportunity; A special event; Promotional announcement emails aren’t only to let people know you have a new product or service. One email blast won’t make the sales pile up.

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If you were going to write a press release about your new product, it needs to be newsworthy. In other words, nobody wants to read a press release that just says, “Hey, we made a thing!” 2018-11-30 · This is one of the most important occasions to write a press release. Your company is about to launch a new product and you want to convey that information in your press release. In this type of press release, the focus of the entire press release should be on the new product and its specifications. 2) Event 2017-12-01 · But when it comes to a press release, the company boilerplate is nothing to dismiss. As much as any of the other press release building blocks — an eye-catching headline, dateline, clear source, specific media contact — a good boilerplate, or “About Us” statement, helps tell a full story to your media and consumer audience.

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Subtitle - The subtitle just frames the main announcement in a different way or New Product Press Release Format According to an announcement made by {name of the company launching the new product and preliminary details regarding the new product mentioning its biggest USP} The Company aims at bringing {preliminary details regarding the motivations that led the company to release the new product in the market} Press Release Example For Product. The Company Beer Takes Double Gold at 2018 World Beer Competition.

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Look at this narrative… XYZ Plumbing Will Help Local Area Households Save $50,000 in the next 6 months. 2020-06-01 · Chevrolet’s product launch press release is almost as impressive as their new Corvette. The text within the press release is only three sentences, but the rest of the press release consists of multimedia and even interactive media that immerse journalists in the luxury vehicle, offering more information than a 500-word press release ever could. 2021-02-02 · New Product Press Release Sample: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

If you’re ready for your press release to go out to the public right now, use the words “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” at the top of the press release. If you need to hold the release until a certain date, however (this is commonly the case in product launches), put HOLD RELEASE UNTIL before your specified date. McAllister also shared a template that can be used to create an internal press release: Here’s an example outline for the press release: Heading — Name the product in a way the reader (i.e As promised, below is the free press release template for four different occasions to make the job easier for you!
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Topicscompanies tend to cover in press releases include information about new products and services, and it should have the same format as the headings in the body of the press release ( Typically, there are three main newsworthy categories that will warrant a press release: Product Releases – New products or upgrades to existing products can be  11 Jun 2018 This press release template includes space to accommodate all the necessary This template can serve as a formal announcement for a product, Since the point of a launch press release is to attract new customers, tak 1 Jan 2021 For example, Set Enterprise Inc released a new gaming product and used this quote to contextualise their release; “These Mini Rounds help  9 Nov 2020 This works well if your product or brand is highly visual, and you want to showcase some exciting new features. Luxury car company Chevrolet is  Whether you're marketing a new business venture, promoting a new book, or simply drumming up some interest for an upcoming non-profit event, the press  3 Aug 2020 Pharmaceutical Press Release Example.

"MEET THE CAMERA THAT THINKS IT’S A TELESCOPE. Zoom. Zoom crisis communications and acquisition press release example. Zoom’s acquisition press release is part of an ongoing response plan to rising security concerns around the Zoom software.
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2020-04-23 · You can browse company investor relation websites to get other examples of press release titles and subtitles. Subtitle - The subtitle just frames the main announcement in a different way or New Product Press Release Format According to an announcement made by {name of the company launching the new product and preliminary details regarding the new product mentioning its biggest USP} The Company aims at bringing {preliminary details regarding the motivations that led the company to release the new product in the market} Press Release Example For Product.

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5. Press release examples : announce figures or a study. The media are fond of numbers, statistics because it is very easy to process. Provided that the “source” of these figures or statistics is credible. You must therefore be able to justify your statistics by a sufficient amount of data source to be able to claim a reliable statistics. Press Release Examples Whether you are promoting a book, writing about an upcoming non-profit event, or it is for a product launch, a press release is a great tool to get the desired media attention.

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Just copy them into Google Docs or Microsoft Word, add your information, and you’re good to go! 1. Product Press Release A press release template is an official news announcement sent to journalists, often used to generate publicity. Whether you’re ready to announce product launches, events, or new hires, we offer a variety of premade Press Release PDF Templates that are perfect for your company. Press Release Template (Word): Take the hassle out of writing and formatting press releases with six different templates. Press Release Pitch Template: When you send a press release, you might also need to send a pitch email.

Thun Tankers orders a second NaabsaMAX product tanker – Enters into a  and easily introduce new services to build new revenue streams. products to the telco market is yet another excellent example of how  He takes over as Head of Product Area Tube from Petra Einarsson who was appointed President of Press release Michael Andersson (PDF document, 39 kB). For the press launch of their new design kitchen, Nordic Spirit, HTH Kök and Grand The new product was developed in collaboration with the design studio Form Us With In co-operation with designers for example Mattias Stenberg, Louise  Read Aebi Schmidt Group's latest press releases. 4 april 2019: The Aebi Schmidt Group ends the 2018 financial year successfully – and launches new  PRESS RELEASE – Stockholm January 14, 2021 Priveq Investment is the new processing of products for third party logistics, manufacturing, wholesale and Industri-Matematik International (IMI) announces a new release of its powerful to provide this information to us by, for example, registering at one of our sites. Frill Holding AB appoints Peter Blom as new CEO. The proceeds from the directed share issue shall be used, for example, to finance the marketing and sales of Frill's products within the school system in California (see press release of 6. Collector launches new digital business product – Reverse Factoring. Gothenburg, Sweden – Collector AB (publ.) (NASDAQ Stockholm: COLL).