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I Databases A-Z i LUBsearch hittar du de databaser som Lunds universitets bibliotek har tillgång till. Use LUBsearch to look for articles, e-books, journals, printed books, and data bases available at Lund University. Find more information about LUBsearch on the webpage of Lund University Libraries. Databases A to Z: Lund University's databases. At this page you find a list of all databases at Lund University.

Lubsearch databases

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All our departments and divisions are listed below in alphabetical order (departments are shown in bold). Click on a department to read a short, popular scientific description of their research. A. The Social Sciences Faculty Library has developed several subject guides, see links below. Students, researchers and lecturers can use the subject guides as a starting point for their subject-related questions. The subject guides contain important links to both databases and free resources such as material about academic writing and research publication.

Jeans Search Results Page 21 - › Skor

Vill du läsa mer om hur du söker och hittar databaser, titta på sidan Databaser A-Z i vår LibGuide: Libguiden LUBsearch och elektroniska resurser Direktlänk till ingången Databases A-Z 2020-06-03 LUBsearch är en gemensam ingång till bibliotekens samlade resurser. Via en enda sökruta hittar du bland annat artiklar, tidskrifter, avhandlingar och böcker.

Jeans Search Results Page 21 - › Skor

PsycINFO (EBSCOhost) The PsycINFO database contains citations and abstracts from a wide range of scholarly literature in the psychological, social, behavioral, and health sciences. This database includes journals, books, reviews, and dissertations from hundreds of publishers. PsycINFO is not a full-text database but you may find links to full text articles if LU have access to that journal.

Databaser Via ingången Databaser A-Z, i LUBsearch, hittar du databaser, portaler och andra webbtjänster. Databases A-Z A collective entry point to databases within different subjects Via Databases A–Z , which is a part of LUBsearch, you can find databases,  Det är samma system som Lunds universitets LUBsearch. I ett discovery-söksystem kan du söka i flera databaser samtidigt, och därefter länkas till fulltext. Introduction to Database Management. Hitta i våra Databases at CEDAR. Library PDF) The Keins Database on Academic Inventors: Methodology Email  av AC Dalhammar · Citerat av 7 — Sökning efter akademisk litteratur gjordes främst i databaserna LUBSearch och. Google Scholar.
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Exchange studies. The Faculty of Medicine has three libraries in Lund and Malmö. Our libraries are open to the public with limited service. Come to our service points if you need help to search for scientific material. Our e-books and e-journals are available on our public computers.

In LUBsearch you can find all print and licensed e-resources available from the Lund University Libraries and some Open Access material freely available on the Internet.
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Om du vill göra en fördjupad ämnessökning är det ofta bättre att använda en ämnesdatabas, eftersom de erbjuder förfinade sökmöjligheter och specialiserade ämnesord. Click on Databases A-Z in LUBsearch. You will after clicking on the text end up in a system where you can find all the databases Lund University libraries are subscribing to.

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En vetenskaplig artikel i Web of Science En bok i Lovisa/LUBsearch  Engineering Physics, Environmental Engineering, and Industrial Management and Engine- ering, have taken part. Find articles, journals, ebooks in. LUBsearch. Våra ämnesspecifika databaser hittar du via Databases A-Z. LUBsearch är en gemensam ingång till bibliotekens samlade resurser. 3D-animerad rymdfarkost Databases A-Z. Licensed and free resources selected by librarians. LUBsearch ePublications Lund University  BESKRIVNING.

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Faculty library.

Project period: May 5th - June 30th, 2021; Application period: January 21st - February 1 st, 2021 at 8 AM Swedish time (CET) Se hela listan på Database search engines are usually included with major database software products. Applications [ edit ] Database search technology is used by large public and private entities including government database services, e-commerce companies, online advertising platforms, telecommunications service providers and other consumers with a need to access information in large repositories.